Save up to 15% on your supplychain costs, with all-round efficiency improvements

Get a strategic partner to improve efficiencies in five key focus areas:

Vendor Consolidation & Price Renegotiation

Product-Mix Optimization

Wastage Minimization

Working Capital Optimization

Manpower Optimization


Every hospital understands and acknowledges these possibilities. What stops them is the sustained efforts needed to get there and remain there!

We work with our client hospitals hand-in-hand as strategic partners, and make this transition a seamless experience with our people, processes & technology complementing the hospital’s internal capabilities!

Vendor Consolidation
One Vendor - Many Savings

Consolidate all your purchases across medical consumables, surgical consumables & pharmaceutical products through PinkBlue

100% Contracted Prices: Assured better prices on all purchases

Simpler Processes: Highly simplified purchase & accounting processes

Substitutions: Unlock savings through substitutions without disturbing quality

Supplychain Digitization
Physical movement = Digital movement

Digitally transmitted invoices - Say goodbye to arduous, error-prone goods inwarding (GRN) processes

Barcoded products – Move to barcode based billing/consumption tracking

Accurate Stocks: Manual-intervention free consumption & purchase tracking

Simpler Processes: Highly simplified inwarding & billing processes

Better Expiry Management: Barcode based expiry tracking & management

Process Automation
Manage through Metrics & Exceptions

Self-learning auto-replenish solution - Adapts real-time to your evolving consumption scenarios

Intelligent Approvals - Re-create how your mind works, and approve on your mobile phones

Superior Availability Levels: Real-time response to stock level changes

Conscious Stock Choices: Let how much you stock be a choice, not a side-effect

Minimal Wastage & Optimal Working Capital: Leaner stocks leading to a sharper supplychain


Key Features

Being the first healthcare supplychain solution built out of India, PB Meta carries several Indian healthcare specific features. Sample a few of them here!

One-Click GRN

Receive hundreds of purchased items in a whisker, through Meta's digitally transmitted invoices right into your HIS/HMS/ERP.

Eliminate manual errors from the inwarding process - accurate products, quantities, expiries & batchcodes.

Barcode-based Dispensing

Bill and dispense through barcode scans, like a supersmart retail outlet.

Use barcodes to track batchcodes and expiries too.

Bounce tracker

Track every prescription bounce through an intuitive feature, which remembers all the details forever.

Use preset workflows to solve rootcauses of bounces permanently, to minimize repeat errors.

5Sigma - Stock Accuracy Enhancement Engine

AI Engine which predicts stock mismatches & drives smarter, sharper, daily stock-checks in place of clunky occasional full stock-checks.

Gamification to build excitement around inventory discipline across the organization.

Fully Customizable Reordering Automations

Mix up reorder levels, reorder quantities, stock days, self-learning systems, criticality ratings and more, to whip up your own supplychain mix.

In short, accurately replicate your reordering thought process, with no compromises!

Extremely Seamless Approval Workflows

Approve above certain values, only for some products, only for deviations, only when MTD purchase is higher, through emails, SMSs or in Meta.

Imagine the perfect approval matrix and processes for your organization, and we have it covered already!

Full-on Visibility Through Role-Based Dashboards

Dashboards for all roles: Store in-charge, Operations Manager, Purchase Manager, Purchase Head, Operations Head, CXOs, Clinicians, etc.

Just anyone and everyone who needs to see what's happening in the supplychain; And they get to see only what they need to see.

Seamless Multi-location Management

See the summary of all stores/locations to work on your macro-goals, and drill down to the minutest detail when needed, all out of one login.

Enable your teams to balance macro & micro, to move towards managing metrics & exceptions, from the outdated and trivial in-process controls.

Our Customers

We work with some of the top healthcare institutions in India, including

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partner 4

Several mid-sized hospitals love our solution too

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And 20,000+ clinics all over India trust us with their clinical supplies needs, through


Not just the numbers, there is love in the air too!


…streamlined our purchases, & reduced costing as well as pilferage… marked improvement in our purchase & stocking protocol, which was non-existent earlier

Dr Fuzail Iyaz,
Alansaar Hospitals,

Practically order all my materials from PinkBlue and have never been let down…

Dr Prathamesh Bari,
Dental clinic,
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PB Meta Solution Fee

PB Meta comes with a flat solution fee of 2% of the total purchase value * charged monthly.

Solution Fee covers the following elements:

Full supplychain solution implementation, including free integration with your current software (HMS/HIS/POS)

Barcoding on all products delivered by PinkBlue

Consumption analysis and set-up of your automated reordering and approval workflows

Stock resets through physical stock-checks

Training and support as necessary,to ensure full adherence

PinkBlue Account Executives & Account Managers, who work closely with the hospital to provide strategic and operational support to get the best out of the solution

Mutually agreed customization requests raised during the implementation period (3 months from sign-off)

* Excludes any third-party charges and hardware costs

The solution also comes with guaranteed price improvements or price match on all purchases before kick-off, leading to a knock-off effect on actual pricing of the solution.

Typically, we work towards 10-15% supplychain cost savings with most of our partner hospitals, leading to the 2% solution fee being looked at as investment to unlock significant future savings! We work on other pricing models as well, in case of rare exceptional scenarios. Reach out to us to know more!

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Why Meta

Best team in business

India's largest professional team in the medical supplies space, including a core team of 10 from IIMs and IITs, which understands the intricacies of the healthcare market, technicalities of a supplychain and the power of technology!

Check more details about the team.

Proven track record

Trusted by some of the top healthcare institutions including Apollo, Aster and Davita, along with 20,000+ clinics across the country. First medical supplies e-commerce Startup in India to build any sizeable business online!

Check out our top customers.

Full-spectrum solution

We work on all areas of the supplychain and hence are capable of delivering superior results, as against a price renegotiation project or a vendor consolidation project. We rework your prices, identify and tap into substitution opportunities, simplify purchase and consumption tracking processes, barcode your products, automate your reorder processes and built out strong and seamless approval matrices, to deliver a super-efficient supplychain.

Understand all potential areas of improvement from our case studies.

Results-oriented approach

We are not just a vendor who stops at your doorstep, we are not just a consultant who moves out on completion of the project, and we are not just a software provider who moves out after implementation. We are a solution provider and a strategic partner who will co-own the sypplychain costs on your P&L!

Check out our case studies to relate to the results you can expect.

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