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✔ Pay online and keep track of all payments

✔ Easy returns, with searchable purchase data

Meta finds the perfect distributors with the best prices, for all your orders, tracks and alerts on payments due, and enables easy searching of all purchases & payments.

What’s more, this all comes for free, for all customers who purchase through PB Meta!

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Operational in Bangalore; More cities coming soon...

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More features of Meta, for the regular users

✔ Simple and Easy-To-Use POS Solution

✔ Automated reorder solution, to improve availability and reduce overstocking

✔ Bounce tracker, to minimize bounces

✔ 5Sigma, to improve stock accuracy

PB Meta is the only app you need to become the best pharmacy in town. What are you waiting for?

As online pharmacies and pharma chains grow, your success will depend on how you use technology to become better everyday.

One stockout, one higher price, basically one mistake could lose you a customer!

Technology can help you move towards perfection. Meta App is your friend in this journey!

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Operational in Bangalore; More cities coming soon...

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